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Dear colleagues, dear friends,

Very successfully organized the First International Congress of the Society of emergency medicine Serbia has opened many chapters, merged many people, pushed the limits and showed that Serbian emergency medicine deserves a place in the European and world trends and associations of fans of Emergency Medicine.

Over 200 participants at the First International Congress DLUMS confirmed that emergency medicine in Serbia, although one of the youngest branch of medicine, a future that is brighter than the past, filled with poverty, unequal organization and a number of unresolved issues ... In a word, we have survived a "childhood illness", which the inevitable problem of growing up. Emergency medicine slowly gets on its feet, stronger every day, our voice is heard and on, louder and is of increasing importance.

Welcome to SSEP 2nd International Congress

The SSEP 2nd International Congress is next step in our journey. This time we will have the opportunity to listen internationally recognized experts in the field of Emergency Medicine, we will have the opportunity at the interesting and interactive workshops, learn new skills, and to remind and refresh old skills. And, of course, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city of Nis, the city of Emperor Constantine.

Looking forward to see you at Niš, Faculty of Medicine, 26-28. May 2016.


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