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Third International Congress, Niš

Niš, 01-03. june 2017.

From the Chairman  of the Organizing Committee…

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

As the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, so now we make the first step and start an interesting journey, interesting and exciting adventure called the Third International Congress of the Serbian Society of Emergency Physicians . Although we have many years of experience in organizing congresses, each next step in our journey brings something new, something beautiful and exciting. The joy of giving is immeasurable for those who donate from great love, and just that feeling of joy accompanies us all this time to socialize with you.

Our Third Congress moto is FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES, because we want to share the feeling that keeps us all these years of practicing emergency medicine. This congress is coming on good winds from the previous period. End of the previous Congress marked at the same time and start preparing for the Third Congress, and in the meantime we have done many beautiful things - the first time the Serbian emergency medicine in Vienna presented at the EUSEM European Congress of Emergency Medicine. In this way we have shown the world that Serbia has something to show and to be proud of. Symposium in Sabac featuring a huge topic of preparation and response in mass disaster, where we wanted to emphasize the need  for comprehensive cooperation between all relevant actors. An indispensable part of our work are the courses that we held in several cities in Serbia.

Another challenge is waiting for us. Looking forward to meeet You  in another great and important event, where we will meet interesting topics, interesting speakers, quality workshops and the traditionally good companionship to show that we still cherish our common first love - love for emergency medicine.



Chairman of the Organizing Committee

SSEP Third International Congress

Miljan Jović, MD, Primarius

Specialist of Emergency Medicine